Wesley + Karen SDE


Hoo, this was an early shoot in a remote location in Singapore. I had a shock when I saw Judy (one of the sisters) standing by the dark road in white at 5.40am guiding us! Hee hee thought she was a beautiful *****.

It was a tough job to shoot wedding prep with NO lights at all. Other than that, the event was real fun with very sporting bros and sis of the couple. Clever Wesley pulled a fast one with the sisters and run straight in to get Karen! Hey Wesley, I tink you have to offer compensation of new shoes to some folks ha ha ha!

PS: Videographers/Photographers should not be afraid of DOGS!

One thought on “Wesley + Karen SDE

  1. Hi Sean,
    Sorry for scaring you at the road in the wee hours at such an ulu place. You did a great job, as always, and you’re just getting better at it =) The otherwise plain and quiet place has been transformed to such a must-visit looking place with cosy villas and the beautiful sunrise! Thanks for being a part of my best friend’s wedding!

    Keep in touch!

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