Korea Wedding Photos Anyone?

I was thinking of hooking up a couple who would like to take their pre wedding photos in Korea, by a local studio. Its not easy due to language issues but I may try for one couple. The exchange rate is very advantageous now so its sort of the best time to do it. I would think the package would not exceed SGD3600 exclusive of lodging. The only problem is how to ship the goods back to Singapore. The studio would prob need to do it or you can send a DHL/Fedex guy to pick it up. The lodging is not that expensive. You could get back with a meal for SGD15 maximum and the hotel will cost SGD200 per night for two. Pretty ok for a pre wedding honeymoon. Transportation is easy for Singaporeans since they have a very good MRT system. The taxis (silver ones) are not that expensive too.

As for me, I only like to shoot the pre wedding video in the lovely Korean studio! Ok, may be if we are friend enuf I will take the couple for some sight seeing. Palaces, shopping district, happening local uni shopping area, etc. You have more than enuf to do for a week. Oh yes, u need a week as u have to choose the photos and they only shoot with Film. No digital stuff.

JUL 09 Update:
Yo this post is picking steam. Sorry for the slow response. I’m gonna have to call them to confirm the latest package as they have not be replying emails. I will update asap.

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