Lional + Shaan SDE

Wat a day! I had a chance to shoot an all BLACK wedding. The attire n deco were all black! I like the bridal car feathers thou.. very outstanding! Tink its gonna be a trend soon… I also had the fastest wedding convey in my life. I really dun think anyone can beat 128Km/h.. HUAT ah!! Hmm yes, the car i was in was a Civic Type R with body hugging seats to prevent me from rolling all over when the drive “kup” corner. Lasttly, this wedding super duper siongz as i just knocked off not long ago!

If you notice, this video has a different style from the usual. Hmm well, the couple requested for a rock song video and this is the end product. Pretty cool, I like the end result. Will be messing with more of this style in the future.

Ah wait wait, I also met the nice folks from Wedding Paparrazi. Ha ha they asked me where was I from, I also dunno wat to say! Time to give my works an identidy… coming soon!

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