DIY Live Gatecrashing Video Solution!!

Yo folks, I was gonna wire a lllloooooooong cable from the living room to the brides room when it struck me. Y not use 2 laptops with wireless LAN? All you need is the freebie SKYPE, and 1 webcam enabled laptop n you are done!Place the laptop in the living room, run an extension of the USB cable to the webcam and peg it to the window grill. This should work for most households. Logitech makes pretty good webcams for sub SGD100.

The other will be in the room and the bride can see and even hear!! all these for FOC!! Nice right? Oh but please dun say you do not need a VG cuz you can record the webcam videos.. They SUCK!! No match for our big cameras ya.. Size DOES matters sometimes =)

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