Steadycam Questions

I had some questions today on the steadycam. Just to help the folks who wanna know more, below are some details on the rig.

– Item must be purchased from US or check with Joe from Expandore if they have any

– DDP price is estimated at SGD6.5k for the Pilot. For lower budgets, I would recommend the Glidecam smoothshooter (X10 for dual arm) or Indicam Pilot (REALLY budget and does the job with a great sled 2nd to the Pilot)

– Expandore carries the Glidecam and you can see the real thing. Hmm, maybe I should do a full review on that next time.

– If your cam is below 3kg go for the handheld Steadycam Merlin which costs SGD1.5k odd from Cathey Photo. You can upgrade to the full rig for another SGD3.5k. But you cannot buy the Pilot sled individually!

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