Crane at Werk

8Ft Crane
8Ft Crane

Hey hey I dug up this photo from last year. This is a crane and it helps to shoot those high to low shots.. u know, like shooting the leaves from the trees and slowly coming down to the subject? Really nice BUT it is so tough to set it up alone. (I think I hurt myself once) I would love to put one of these at a wedding for the march in but the guest would prob run away ;p

2 thoughts on “Crane at Werk

  1. instead of setting up such a ‘complex’ crane, u can just hook a smaller handy cam onto a long aluminium pole to have the same ‘crane’ effect.

    we did for one such wedding before.

    (btw, got your blog from william chua. think i had met u previously while you were on a shoot with joho.)

  2. Woah nice to see u here Flo. I have heard about you. Argh that sounds like a nice idea! Now to think about the implementation

    We met? Cool, next time say helo to me 😉

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