What is yr ideal Highlights Video like?

I have been making wedding videos for a while now n tried a variety of styles. At the end of the day, what do folks really like to see in a video? I like some response from all of u out there, married or not, video taken or now. This is yr chance to tell the video dude what u really hope to see!

This poll would be interesting to analyse some results. We all need positive inputs. Pls post yr comment directly or drop me an email at seahkws@gmail.com . Hope to hear from u folks!

1. What is the highlight of the Day? From the prep to the gatecrash to picking the bride to tea ceremony. What do u think is the most impt event of the day?

2. What do you think are the characteristics of a great wedding video? Touching? Documentation (everything in)? Funny (Will anyone remember the video the next day?)

3. How long should the video be? 3/4/5/6/7? I’m sure everyone has seen a wedding video at some point of yr life. Have u ever felt the video was too long or short? Boring/ repetitive/ Nice?

4. 10 years down the road review. Yr kiddo is 8 years old and asks to watch yr video and goes, “Eek, so chessy wan!” or “Wah, so romantic mummy…/daddy”. What do you like them to say?

5. A day to nite summary video in one? Or two separate videos highlights in the final production?

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