Chromakey is FUN!!

I was to shoot the liondance competition at Taka today but it rained (again) ! So I was on my way home but suddenly decided to swing by Arab street to buy a green cloth. I ended up spending $15 at Osman Silk house near my fav Zam Zam prata joint. After a quick dinner, the cloth was on a bamboo with 4 lights up. 2 are ceiling lamps, one is a desk lamp and the last lamp is the Sony LED lamp. I made 3 attempts n it didnt turn out too bad! It is my first attempt at chromakeying tonight actually!

OH, did I hear what the heck is “chromakey” ?Ah ok.. it is a technique that is used to “key” out a certain colour in order to get the background removed totally. That is how superman can fly!

PS: For those of u trying at home, you need to shoot in progressive mode, ensure event background lighting (hint: use the zebra) and diffuse the light with a cheap white cloth or something. I didnt do if u notice the reflection in my glasses.

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