Gourmet Dinner Today!

Dino called me up for a pre wedding shoot at this nice Changi cottage yesterday. OMG, it was SO hard to find. Apparantly Mr LKY had spend quite a fair bit of time there after we seperated from Malaya. Our PG of the day was Mr JoHo.. I had the honour to try his EOS Mark 1D with the cult 85mm F1.2 ‘L’ lenses.. it was one hell of a stunner!

Couple was lovely and best of all, the shoot ended with BBQ! To top it up, the spread was not the usual BBQ lor.. it was nice stuff like scallops, lamb chop, veal, prawns, satay, chicken wings, etc cooked to gromet standards cuz our couple is in F&B. One of the nicest BBQ I had man!

Dino will editing the footages including my steadycam stuff. Should turn out pretty nice 🙂

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