13 OCCET Reunion Exercise

During the president evening, I met 3 of my old pals from NSF days. That was wa…y back and Kok Peng suggested that it would be nice to have a reunion. Well, last night I met another 2 of em and decided its a sign for me to get it rolling. 11 years of lost connections!

So far, I have gathered 26/46. Not too bad but its pretty tough still. May try my luck with Facebook/ Friendster etc. Hope these folks are all PC freaks all it’s going to be tough! Oops I gotta prep my steadicam for tomolo’s camero shoot now.

Anybody you know who is from 13th OCCET (cbt engr) please contact me! Z.z.z.z.z….

One thought on “13 OCCET Reunion Exercise

  1. Helo… never jio me ! Disappointed leh. Plus event cancel somemore. Tho of meeting you guys. Plan for another 1 la !

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