President’s Garden Reception Evening

Got to visit the Istana for an annual National day reception hosted by Mr President. Hundreds of Officers turned up but no camera was allowed (aiyoh..). It was a lovely day and I wished my vcam was with me! A time lapse would have been great.

I had a great chat with ma long lost army buddies.

Anyway, there was a nice garden with hordes of guests and food laying around. Mr Nathan came with MPs Teo CH and Han EJ. There as one more lady but I didnt recall her name. Got to speak to Mr Han. He is really tall and pretty stern. I was quite surprised as we were starting to eat and he started aa conversation.

“Eh, Eh..” The regular chaps were a little stunned so I started talking. He asked, “How is your unit?” I heard wrongly and started to talk about the Istana. Man, so malu!! Ok, he repeated his question so I answered. Anyway, the contents cant be blog so…

Overall, it was an eye opener to see how nice the place is and the view was fantastic. Would be great for one to visit once in a lifetime 🙂

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