About Us


Firewerkz was started by one avid hobbyist engineer who had little money, limited know how and plenty of passion. From 2006, it was a one man quest for knowledge and the desire to produce top quality wedding films. 3 years later, and loads of experiments, Firewerkz was born. Eventually more friends hoped on and the rest is history.

Our Style

Every couple has a story. Some touching, some fun, whatever it is, we are here to tell your story. As long as you are truly blissful on your big day, we will certainly be there to capture those sparkles. We do not have a fixed template. Every couple’s story is unique and the highlights are certainly customized. EPIC, FUN, ROMANTIC, etc. We tell your story, your WAY.


We are one of the pioneers that started team shooting locally since 2009. A team allows us to cover more moments than a single shooter can. A team does cost more but looking at the results, we believe you will appreciate our approach. We also believe weddings should unfold as they are and not be directed, hence our non intrusive coverage style. Have a look at our portfolios and remember to shop around. We want you to be absolutely sure we are the right one to capture every sparkle of your special day.

Oh ya a piece of advice, do NOT shop for more than 3 choices or you wun even remember who is who!

Firewerkz Films Team