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Senthil + Divya Highlights

PG: Stephen Loh (Lyrical Moment)
LOC: Fullerton Hotel

Our first pure Indian wedding. Only difference is this was one modern wedding!

YES 933 TV


Was great fun working with Jiahui from YES 933. We were assisting in a friend’s shoot and I was amazing at her energy level and professionalism.

Jason + Cheryl // It’s MAGIC

One of the most awesome couples we have ever worked with. Never had so much fun before! Stay tuned for the highlights. Lovely photo from Lightbox Weddings.


With great honour we have been selected for DEB 14. There were several limitations to the food teaser on the storyboard so… we will try something more different if we get a chance again =)


A personal project, and something close to my heart.





We had a great day supporting a good friend. It was an EPIC shoot with a talented ensemble. Can’t wait for the final piece!

A phone call got us started on this one. The Evernote folks are a young  team of outstanding people. It was our first venture together but it worked out great. The American colleagues also gave some excellent inputs which contributed to the final piece. We are proud of this one.

Daniel + Nathalyn Highlights

PG: Stephen Loh (Lyrical Moments)
LOC: Chimjes Singapore

Another wedding at the lovely Chimjes. Dan and Nat came across as a very close couple with a strong relationship.  The wedding was lovely with many touching speeches and it was hard to deliver this piece as there were some many great moments. Do check out their awesome dog!


Elgar + Lex // Musical

PG: Stephen Loh (Lyrical Moment)
LOC: Fullerton Hotel

This was quite a couple, one is classic musical type and the other is fast car type. So what do we do? We try to work out the best of both worlds into one video. Loved the car display ( that took a lot of perspiration from the entourage to form up..)

This was a super challenging one as we had 1hr to decide on a concept on the spot and commence shooting. Our experience with corporate jobs are there are usually many people involved, so its never easy to settle down on one way to get things done. There are bound to be many changes but these has to be well managed. The folks at Rockwell were very decisive and we went for the kill in 4hrs. We were very impressed at the state of the art machines, never knew it was that fast. We can now understand how the mobile phone companies can churn out millions of phones so quickly.




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