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Daniel + Nathalyn Highlights

PG: Stephen Loh (Lyrical Moments)
LOC: Chimjes Singapore

Another wedding at the lovely Chimjes. Dan and Nat came across as a very close couple with a strong relationship.  The wedding was lovely with many touching speeches and it was hard to deliver this piece as there were some many great moments. Do check out their awesome dog!


Elgar + Lex // Musical

PG: Stephen Loh (Lyrical Moment)
LOC: Fullerton Hotel

This was quite a couple, one is classic musical type and the other is fast car type. So what do we do? We try to work out the best of both worlds into one video. Loved the car display ( that took a lot of perspiration from the entourage to form up..)

This was a super challenging one as we had 1hr to decide on a concept on the spot and commence shooting. Our experience with corporate jobs are there are usually many people involved, so its never easy to settle down on one way to get things done. There are bound to be many changes but these has to be well managed. The folks at Rockwell were very decisive and we went for the kill in 4hrs. We were very impressed at the state of the art machines, never knew it was that fast. We can now understand how the mobile phone companies can churn out millions of phones so quickly.



Chingay 2014: The Dragonmen

Presenting “The Chingay Dragon Men”.
We learnt a fair bit from this shoot in terms of shoot approach, and post production challenges as below.

The lens did make a difference. The image contrast right out of the camera was GOOD. Pulling focus was really an art. We are used to DSLR lens and while the use of a follow focus while easy to master, we were not used to the sheer amount of precision we had on our fingertips. The CP2 is after all a cinema lens and not really designed for run and gun work. The images do tell us why many would go for it. These badies have really sexy bokeh! Refer to the interview shot.

The setup on a shoulder rig was also something to get used to. In short I wasn’t really fit enough to handle a 8kg load for long. Now I know why ENG style cameramen are mostly tall with broad shoulders! We used the 15mm and 50mm prime most of the time. There were not that heavy and I was able to get pretty usable shots shoulder mounted. In fact, it would be nice to own some =p

The 70-200mm was amazingly smooth but quite a bazooka at 2.8kg. The pain was we had to keep up with the dragon, and it was really tough to shoot shoulder mounted due to the weight (and panting from the running). So we improvised on the fly with a monopod that helped a lot in getting some smooth pans. The zoom was really handy. I was initially concerned that at F2.9, it wasn’t going to be up to speed in those lighting conditions. Fortunately I was wrong. The myriad of lighting did not cause problems for the lens and camera. Luckily we were on 50Mbps Canon Log which helped a lot in post.

The rig was a killer. I loved the Zacuto grip relocator. It allowed me to control the Aperture and ISO  which was all I needed. The focus puller is a really clever design. Only problem was the shoulder rig with the counterbalance was killing me after 4hours. Also, it was not possible to put the rig on the ground. An electronic eye piece would have helped a lot but I had cleverly declined the HDMI cable Cathay offered and only realizing I had the wrong connectors on my cable when I got to site.

I was disappointed with the response from the camera for the interview segment. There were some peaks which ruined the audio as it was set in auto. I should have been on manual gain. I had made the decision not to bring our awesome new field mixer as our grip was really part of the performers, so we could not carry so many things on the run. Jonathan Ho looked like a Ninja turtle with our lens bag and he had to shoot the BTS!

Grading in Resolve was easier in V10. (we started in V8). All we did was to apply the C-log LUT, and add some curves and improve some skin tones. We went for a saturated look this time as the entire parade was really a riot of colours. Have to admit we still have a long way to go to master the software. Will share some of the pre and post grade look in the BTS later but the great combination of the C300+CP2 showed its awesomeness in post. I now wonder what the BMCC would have turned out like in that situation…  next time…

Story wise was pretty much on the fly. Didn’t have time for some prior research but thanks to Chief Instructor Roger Ting’s detailed explanation on their history with Chingay, we were able to piece the story together. Did help that I’m also from the lion/dragon dancing fraternity. One regret was these troupers were real shy and it was hard to get more interviewees. We witnessed a lot of camaraderie, friendship, hardwork, teamwork, etc. It was like a reunion where members young and old, and friends from overseas as well getting together to put up a great show.

Hope you enjoy the video like we did shooting it.

Chingay 2014: The Dragon men


We were on a mission to have a go at run and gun style with some awesome Zeiss cine lens and Cathay photo graciously supported us with their Zacuto rig.
It was honestly heavy since we were used to DSLR shooting but we wanted to go further by using the C300 (have a go at more colour grading). The results so far has not disappointed.

We do have some work to do in terms of grading so it would take a while.

Not forgetting to Thank our host from Singapore Dragon and Lion Athletic Association.
Without them it would not have been possible. Lastly, to Jonathan Ho (Expressively JoHo) for helping out with some Behind the Scenes (BTS) and Seth Leow for some rough and tough cargo handling.

Stay tuned.


PG: KC (Tinydot)
We all love food, and this is a story about 2 food lovers from different cultures falling for each other.

Jeremy + Cheryl SDE // My Best Friend

PG: Nathan Wu
Loc: Alkaff Mansion

Jeremy and Cheryl are awesome people with many wonderful friends. Their wedding was well supported by many of their friends, even their proposal was done with the same folks! So it was a no brainer the video theme was around Friends.


A short documentary on the quickly eroding chinese culture in Singapore. I have been a lion dancer for years and this has always been close to my heart. With the help of friends from other troupes, we embarked on this short documentary to capture the sentiments of the troupe seniors.

As the year is coming to an end soon, I like to share a piece that I have been working on intensively for the past 2 years. I started experimenting with time lapses 3 years ago when I saw some amazing stuff from my talented pal Weehan. As my job required intensive travelling, I am always on the road. Its really tough on the family but thankfully, I have awesome folks at home. One day, my little boy asked me where was I going again. He is very young and unable to understand what “country” means so I thought, why not show him my world visually?

That inspired me to embark on a mad chase for the past 2 years to document as many timelapse/hyerlapse as I could to many of the places I have visited. Initially it was very challenging as I never knew what lens was suitable and a DSLR was a little cumbersome (I still dig shooting with a DSLR anytime if portability is not an issue). After all, I was out to work proper so lugging too much gear wasn’t going to do me any good. Also, I had to do a lot of research to find the good spots.

When the OMD was launched, everything was changed. I was suddenly enabled with the capability to reach from 24-200mm (equivalent) with 2 tiny lenses and a small body in a handy little bag! I could even fit a mini table tripod in the same bag. I did get a foldable tripod which is pretty handy. I soon found myself timelapsing everywhere, on pavements, taxis, riversides, trains, restaurants, rooftops, hotel, etc. After several failures and repeated attempts I slowly got the hang of things. This attempt has many imperfections but I’m glad to show my progression. I will certainly keep going.

Do take 3mins of your time and have a glimpse of my world.

S Seah

Cam Gear:
Canon 5D3
Olympus OMD-EM1
HTC ONE (Behind the Scenes)

Supported by:
Cathay Photo

Part I – Life Journal

Part II – Same Day Edit

PG: KC (Tinydot)
Loc: Fullerton Hotel

We met a year ago to work on their story. This is another long distance relationship (LDR) but the difference being, both are locals this time and they started their relationship while on overseas posting. This was our first attempt to do a 2 part in a wedding. Part One tells of the proposal, while Part Two is the conclusion.

3 countries, 2 years , 1 heart


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