Samuel + Meicheng Highlights // Love @ First sight

LOC: Raffles Hotel

This was a cosy wedding last year. A love marathon that took a while to bear fruits, which made the day especially sweet. It was evident that their friends were truly happy for the couple. Loads of tears from the couple as Samuel did a touching speech. We were truly honoured to have been part of their big day and we wish them all the best for the road ahead!

Ernest + HyeYoung // Search

Loc: Hotel Castle Suwon, Korea

We are very fortunate to have a chance to do this shoot. This was our first Korean wedding and faced with unfamiliar procedures, we did rehearsals to ensure we got it right. The outdoor scene was tough due to the sub zero temperatures but it was an experience of a lifetime. Stay tuned to part II of their Korean wedding ;)

PS: Singapore Part I to be released soon…

Andrew + Sarah SDE // FIRST LOVE

PG: Samantha
LOC: Sentosa Golf Course Ilido

How many people would marry their first love? Andrew and Sarah are one such couple. It was a small cosy wedding filled with a lot of joy and laughter. There were also many touching moments of the day that made it clear, that they were a couple that was very much loved by their family and friends.

There was a heavy downpour in the morning that ruined our originally planned outdoor photoshoot. (We even did a recce of the place!!) Fortunately there was some nice greenery nearby and we decided to do a simple shoot with whatever umbrellas we could scramble. The results? Not bad at all! And yes, the evening weather turned out great.


Alvin + Ashley SDE // Learn to LOVE

PG: Darren
LOC: W Hotel Sentosa

When Alvin met us he shared with us about his philosophy about life. We decided to take it onto the big screen and used that to incorporate some photos. They were really nice to work with. It was our first time at W Hotel and we really wanted to get the outdoor shot. The rain only stopped 30min prior to the solemnization at 6pm but we managed to make a dash for a shot. Fortunately it came out good.


Asher + Sebrina SDE

PG: Gary (Zon Zon)
LOC: Marriot Hotel

We met Sebrina at a wedding couple years back and she has never forgotten us. Was a pleasure to receive their engagement for their big day. The entourage was huge and really sporting (Check out the YOGA session). Fun day it was and we enjoyed the scenery from the Marriot Pool.

Adrian + Angelina SDE // Let LOVE sparkle

PG: Jonathan Ho (Expressively Joho)
LOC: Shangri-La Hotel

Adrian is flies for a living and we decided it was a must to get some aerials for their video. The day was threatening with a storm but we were fortunate to finish just before the rain came. It was our first time shooting at St Andrew’s Cathedral (SAC) and it was wonderful. SAC is one of Singapore’s most characteristic churches and it is not easy to get a chance to shoot there.  Special mention to Angelina for taking care of us (our stomachs!), we really appreciate that. Finally, Kudos to JoHo who was there to help his ever overloaded with gear buddies.. its always nice to shoot with awesome friends. As usual Joho never fails to impress me with their couple poses.