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PG: Jonathan Ho (Expressively Joho) LOC: Shangri-La Hotel Adrian is flies for a living and we decided it was a must to get some aerials for their video. The day was threatening with a storm but we were fortunate to finish just before the rain came. It was our first time shooting at St Andrew’s Cathedral (SAC) and it was wonderful. SAC is one of Singapore’s most characteristic churches and it is not easy to get a chance to shoot there.  Special mention to Angelina for taking care of us (our stomachs!), we really appreciate that. Finally, Kudos to JoHo who was there to help his ever overloaded with gear buddies.. its always nice to shoot with awesome friends. As usual Joho never fails to impress me with their couple poses.

Was quite an experience since we are Teochews to cover this event. The jostling from the crowd was crazy hence some of the shaky shots.. that was the only part that was not fun!

PG: Joe + Andrew (Lightbox Weddings)

Awesome day with couple in love. Their happiness were almost infectious. The heavens poured but it didn’t dampen their spirits. All went well and we even managed to do a short flight coverage today.

Edwin + Tabitha // Slowmo Goodness

Hey hey we did it again and surprise surprise, PM Lee and Mrs Lee was sporting to patronise our booth!!

Darren + Wan Yuan SDE // Gamer Vows

LOC: Novotel Liang Court
PG: Chin Leong

Has been a while since we went to Pasir Ris and we were pleasantly surprised! Another interesting thing that popped up today were the vows. We are not gamers so we didn’t realize the lingo is the vows today. Talk about creative “power up”!

Cambodia beckons..

We were there last week and couldn’t resisted testing a new camera. Got lucky finally as it was raining all the way!

Slowmo Goodness…

Our 1st slow mo booth =) Call us for enquiries!

PG: Kelvin (Lightedpixals)
LOC: Grand Hyatt Hotel

Daniel and Tracy first are one couple that are truly fond of Japan. When we heard the proposal was there, we managed to get a timelapse of the Tokyo Sky Tree for this video. The day was fun filled despite the slight drizzle. We were also extremely fortunate to run into a surprise “prop” at the outdoor photoshoot venue. No wedding video is complete without the vows and we must say their solemnization was really touching. This video also marked some breakthrough in the mastery of some new gear and workflow.

PS: Check out the last shot to find out the surprise prop…


PG: Mike
LOC: Orchard Mandarin Hotel

Lionel and Rainie are hardcore Jay Chou fans and Lionel’s vows were really creative; made up with a string of Jay Chou’s song titles! The entire wedding theme was based on Jay Chou from the games to wedding songs to deco. This sweet young couple’s deep love for each other was easily observed behind the lens that made the wedding a joy to capture.

The wedding was a little early with the limited lighting but we managed to get some pretty cool shots of the car. (First time we observed the audience went “WAAAA” LOL during the SDE screening). We tried some cool moves at the top of a carpark roof garden. Check it out.


Diner En Blanc 2014

We were second time lucky to get to cover one of the largest events in Singapore, Diner En Blanc. This time the scale was larger at 3000pax on the lovely beach in Sentosa. The scale was too large to be shown adequately from the ground that we needed aerial coverage. 

Kudos to KKopter for the magnificent aerial shots. It was amazing to see the scale of the event from the sky.



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